Thank you for a wonderful Struer Tracks 2019

THANK YOU SO MUCH for a fantastic Struer Tracks 2019! A lot of people have been using their ears. You have been able to listen to distant and foreign places, to sounds that are otherwise impossible to hear and perhaps to yourselves. The City of Sound and its inhabitants have provided the setting for an art festival with international outlook and at…

Photos from this year's festival

Struer Tracks 2019 is well over for this time. It’s been some great days with lots of sounds, people, listening, knowledge exchange, new perspectives, and sound experiences of many kinds . See photos from some of the highlights here

Sound that seduces

Let the sounds seduce you. The sounds, which become a living factor in your experience. The music touches you and relaxes your body. The sounds, that wake up all your senses and set in motion your whole receiving system. This is how I experienced the creation of “Optagethed #2”