Struer Tracks 2019 – Interview With Curator Christian Skovbjerg Jensen

The curator of Struer Tracks 2019 is Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, the director of Inter Arts Center in Malmø. He has curated a wide range of public and collaborative art projects. In 2010 he was the artistic director of TUMULT, an international art festival, with new commissioned works by 21 artists who contributed with new public projects made especially to the area of Lolland, Falster and Møn.

Christian emphasises that Struer Tracks is a unique event:

“Struer Tracks is an ambitious festival with a great potential to establish itself as a significant international sound art festival, especially due to the support of the municipality. It makes all the difference.”

Struer Tracks is established by initiative of the Municipality of Struer as a part of the City of Sound strategy, which yields very unique opportunities for using sound in urban spaces. Christian underlines the fact that Struer has a lot of interesting spaces – including places that are not frequently visited, such as the old (and often overlooked) harbour:

“The harbourside plays a completely different scale than the rest of the city, and has for many years lived its own life, relatively separated from the city centre, which is just around the corner. The transitions between city, harbour and fjord are very interesting. There are a lot of obvious and familiar qualities found in the spaces of the city, but on the flip side there are also a lot of hidden places. During the preparations for the festival, we have tried to map all of this, both as points of interest and starting points for discussions with the invited artists about which places we’d like to engage and activate as part of the festival.”

Struer harbour hosts many interesting buildings and places. This is the DLG silo.

What will we be listening to?

In specific, the forgotten an unknown will permeate the theme of this years festival: Instead of focusing on what is already present, the artists will bring something new to Struer. Foreign sounds, forgotten sounds as well as enhanced sounds, that we are otherwise unable to hear. The works are created particularly for Struer Tracks and will function as small portals, connecting us to a larger world, to the alien and unknown:

“The theme heavily influences the selection of artists, but the curatorial obstruction – that is, that the location specific artistic contributions aren’t focused on Struer –  actually provided more options rather than less. However, this was intentional, as it gives more freedom for artistic engagement.

In the meantime, it also raised the questions: What should we listen to? To where should we direct our attention? What do we feel connected to, and what do we want to hear and know more about? On one hand, it’s about connecting Struer to something else, something more than itself. On the other, it’s about viewing a place – and how artists, curators and festivals use spaces – in new ways.”

So, expect to experience Struer in a whole new way at this years Struer Tracks festival. The city will be full of sound – come and hear it!

Confirmed artists for the sound art exhibition are Christian Skjødt (DK), Elsebeth Jørgensen (DK), Sandra Boss & Jonas Olesen (DK) and Maia Urstad (NO). Please watch this space as we unveil more artists – or subscribe to our monthly newsletter.