Steve Roden: Song for my father

Struer Tracks, 2017

Steve Roden works with different types of notations like words, maps or musical scores that are the basis for the creation of e.g. paintings, drawings and sound compositions. Roden’s contribution to the exhibition has a biographic starting point and it thematises how we are personally connected to a place. The piece takes form as a personal notation created on the background of torn and worn pages of found copies of the architecture journal ‘Domus’.

Om kun

The work of Steve Roden, based in Los Angeles, spans various media such as installation, paitning, sound and music. His work integrates various forms of specific notation (words, musical scores, maps, etc.) translated through invented systems into scores which in turn inspire the production of painting, drawing, sculpture, and sound composition. The scores are dictated by rigid parameters and rules though also full of cracks and holes that give way to intuitive decisions and left turns. The inspirational source material becomes a kind of formal skeleton that the abstract finished works are built upon.

Roden has among others exhibited at Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, and UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, and performed and played at Serpentine Gallery, London, SFMOMA, San Francisco and The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis

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