SOUNDMAP: The Wandering Needle

Jeg kan huske ® Struer

(I remember ® Struer)

Struer Tracks presents the comprehensive recollection project SOUNDMAP the Wandering Needle (SOUNDMAP Vandrenålen) by composer and sound artist Hans Sydow. The project manifests itself in a number of audio walks featuring stories from Struer which unfold in the magnificent nature of the area.

Prior to the Struer Tracks biennale in 2019, Sydow had been working with over 100 local residents, gathering the stories of Struer. It’s a large-scale project collecting fantastic recollections and everyday memories from the area – which all have been processed in Sydow’s productions.

…we spend most of our lives in everyday situations. But through the media etc, we have been taught to only share the fantastic and grand stories…. Everybody has a story to tell, and once you’ve opened one of these doors, amazing recollections of sound flows through.” 

Hans Sydow

It isn’t the grand epic sagas that are important in this project, Sydow emphasizes. It’s the small everyday stories and recollections, that in themselves are amazing. They are the ones that bind us together and shape our lives. Sydow records the stories, and takes them home to his studio, where he spices them up with sound effects, while he also edits the stories down to 30-45 seconds. The short form, combined with the sound effects, turns the stories into small poems, provoking and inviting the imagination to join in.

The audio walks are now a part of the Wandering Needle, a nature route which is accessible by foot or bicycle in the municipality of Struer. At 10 of the stations, the stories, which are accessible with a smartphone and headphones, will unfold as you move around in the area. 

The 10 locations that now have a related audio walk are: The old mill house at Lyngs, The Holy Spring, the Lookout Tower, the Sct. Mauritii Springs, Hindsels Manor, the Lookout Point, Æ Fywerhus at Jegindø, TamboHuse, Hjertestien Søndbjerg, Gristå Odde, Venø Church, Klosterheden, Resenborg Woods, Kilen / Hjertestien, Øster Strand, Toftum Mountains, Asp Church, the Quistrup Møllebæk path, the schooner Maja, Struer Museum / the house of Johannes Bucholtz.

You may listen to the audio walks here (in danish only):

The project is carried out in cooperation with Henrik Wohlfart of the Wandering Needle / the Thyholm association. The project is supported by the tourist association of Struer.

About Hans Sydow

The works of sound artist and composer Hans Sydow are often based around sound, poetry and music incorporating spoken words and natural/diegetic sounds in musical ways. Through his national “Jeg kan huske ®” (“I Remember”) workshops, Sydow emphasises the links between sound and memory which are implemented in performances, audio walks and installations.