Guidet Tours

Taking a guided tour brings new perspectives to the art.

Become amazed by the art and the sounds as you follow along our excellent tour guides. Come behind the scenes on the installations, understand them in new ways, and try for yourselves to make sound.

Public tours: Every weekend at 10.00 you can take a public tour from Østergade 29, Struer. The tour takes an hour and it will be possible to visit our sound art workshop later.

Tours as a part of school education: As a teacher you can book a special tour for your class, that will be tailored for the grade receiving the tour. Afterwards you will enter our sound Exploratorium, where we will experiment and play with sound inspired by what we learned on the tour. This tour takes 2 hours.

Tours for companies: It is possible for companies to buy a tour for the entire company/department. Be inspired, experience your surroundings in new ways and enjoy your colleagues’ company with sound art as the main fulcrum. A tour takes an hour and it is possible to enter the sound art lab after an ended tour. The tour + sound art lab costs 2.000 kr.

Tours for art organizations: The tour will last about 1-1,5 hours. It can be arranged according to different angles, if you have a specific theme or focus in mind for your trip or season. After the tour you are welcome in our sound art workshop. In the end it is possible to get lunch or grab some coffee and a cake for a festival discount at one of the dining places in the city. The tour costs 2.000 kr.


Contact us to set a date for your tour: // 20851318