Podcast Lab

Struer Tracks 2019 invites storytellers to join our Podcast Lab. The project is led by Rasmus Cleve Christensen, who has produces radio and podcasts for eg. the Danish Broadcasting Corporation and The Lake Radio. 

You can sign in for a five-day workshop where experinced podcasters teach diciplines such as interviewing tecniques, editing, and how to tell a story.

The stories are produced at Struer Sound Art Lab, where professional recording and editing facilities are avalable.

The workshop alternates between guest presentations, joint listenings, discussion an practical work the field. During the whole process you work with collaborate with experienced podcasters, and together you produce stories, which is subsequently presented at Struer Tracks.

The Podcast Lab is from August 23 to August 27. Sign up at podcast@struertracks.dk


Rasmus Cleve Christensen

Take a look at the pictures from this year’s podcast lab: