Optagethed (Preoccupation)

How does your daily life sound? Which sounds do you notice? Do you think about your movements? What keeps you preoccupied? In series of podcasts and performances called “Optagethed“ (translated busyness or preoccupation), five people from west Jutland are portrayed through sound and motion from their every day lives by composer Niels Bjerg and choreographer Kirstine Kyhl Andersen.

The podcast is created using special 3D-sound, which allows the listener to enter the bodies of the main protagonists, hearing sounds as they would – and almost feeling their movements.

Each episode is to be released along with a surround-sound performance, in which the dancers move amongst the audience with wireless speakers, painting a landscape through sounds and choreography based on the movements and sounds of every day life. The first performance is June 13 at 16.30 – 18.30 at Folkets Hus in Struer.

The podcast will be released by Struer Tracks.