Struer Tracks publishes several different podcasts. This page is updated frequently as they are released, so stay tuned!

Struer Tracks Podcast Lab

The Podcast Lab is a part of Struer Tracks, and sees experienced podcasters working together with local inhabitants of Struer. Their joint efforts have resulted in these podcasts.

“Hvordan lyder Struer” (How does Struer Sound”), “Gemmer folk i Struer på hemmeligheder?” (“Do people in Struer carry secrets?”) and “Hvorfor bor folk i Struer” (“Why do people live in Struer?”) were produced during Struer Tracks 2019, while “Svend, indbygger i Lydens By” (“Svend, inhabitant in the City of Sound”), “På autoværkstedet i Lydens By” (“At the auto repair shop in the City of Sound”) and “På havnen i Lydens By” (“At the harbour in the City of Sound”) were produced at the podcast academy during Struer Tracks 2017.

Read more about the Podcast Lab here.

Optagethed (Preoccupation)

How does your daily life sound? Which sounds do you notice? Do you think about your movements? What keeps you preoccupied? In series of podcasts and performances called “Optagethed“ (translated as “busyness” or “preoccupation”), five people from west Jutland are portrayed through sound and motion from their every day lives by composer Niels Bjerg and choreographer Kirstine Kyhl Andersen.

The podcast is created using special binaural 3D-sound, which allows the listener to enter the bodies of the main protagonists, hearing sounds as they would – and almost feeling their movements.

To experience the binaural 3d-effect, you need a pair of good headphones.

Read more about the project here.

Jeg kan huske ® Struer (I remember ® Struer)

Struer Tracks presents the comprehensive recollection project SOUNDMAP the Wandering Needle (SOUNDMAP Vandrenålen) by composer and sound artist Hans Sydow. The project manifests itself in a number of audio walks featuring stories from Struer which unfold in the magnificent nature of the area.

The stories are focused on the following areas: The old mill house at Lyngs, The Holy Spring, the Lookout Tower, the Sct. Mauritii Springs, Hindsels Manor, the Lookout Point, Æ Fywerhus at Jegindø, TamboHuse, Hjertestien Søndbjerg, Gristå Odde, Venø Church, Klosterheden, Resenborg Woods, Kilen / Hjertestien, Øster Strand, Toftum Mountains, Asp Church, the Quistrup Møllebæk path, the schooner Maja, Struer Museum / the house of Johannes Bucholtz.

Read more about the project her.