Christian Skjødt

Christian Skjødt (born in Aalborg, 1980) is a danish artist and composer examining the connections between space, body and memory. Skjødts works are often created for specific places. In his art, listening becomes the primary instrument to experiencing phenomena that are otherwise beyond human senses: radiation, data and waves. Things that are all around us, even though we don’t give them much thought. Technical and physical experiments are a central part of Skjødts artistic processes, which he orchestrates into a logical and minimalistic yet also very sensuous universe. Through his works, he has made it possible to listen to electromagnetic radiation, the rays of the sun, invisible shadows and changes in light.

‘Postcity’ 2004, Christian Skjødt


Christian Skjødt works on the spectacular sound installation called The Receiver in the old DLG silo at the harbor in Struer. The vision is that signals from the sun is transformed into sounds that can be heard by the audience on the various floors of the building.

Christian Skjødt is trained at the Royal Academy of Music and lives and works in Copenhagen. He’s exhibited at Mois Multi in Quebec, Ars Electronica in Linz, Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art in Lund, Overgaden – Institute for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen and has performed at sound art festivals such as Spor in Aarhus, Üle Heli in Tallinn, Sound Reasons in New Delhi and many others. Besides his solo career, Skjødt has participated in several artistic co-operations in the intersection between composition, installation, theater, dance and performance.

The Receiver is realised with support from Danish Arts Foundation and KODA Culture.