the lawn by the marina, Struer 30. Aug 2019

The Unknown Cloud is forecasted to pass through Struer on August 30th at 20.45, at the lawn by the marina.

To participate in this experience, all you have to to do is download an app to your smartphone. The app is called the Unknown Cloud Caretaker and you can find it in the app store (click here for iPhone and here for Android). Via the AI Caretaker (within the app) you will be able to interpret signals from the cloud. You will not only start to hear the cloud itself, but you will also be able to hear through it. When you are in contact with the cloud, it will start to act as an amplifier of the human senses – it makes you hear and feel things normally not available to you.

The Unknown Cloud is programmed to exist globally until 2057 and travels across borders, seas, islands, mountains, villages and cities far away. The artwork is a global phenomenon created by flash-mobs of local people synchronised via Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Don’t miss this unique experience to connect with a worldwide community through the artwork. Remember to bring your smartphone and  (non-bluetooth) headphones.