Jeg Kan Huske ® Struer

Struer Kirke 24. Aug 2019
“It’s not always windy in Struer. Sometimes it storms!”

On August 24th at 1.00 pm composer and sound designer Hans Sydow will perform his concert Jeg kan huske ® Struer (I remember ® Struer) in the church of Struer. The work is based on recordings with 50 different people, telling over 100 stories about the past and present life in the municipality of Struer. The concert comprises both choir, organ and recorded voices. Join us for a unique experience, as sound, history and music blends together.

The concert is performed in cooperation with organist Jørgen Kleon Jeppesen. It marks the inauguration of a network of stories, that you’ll be able to listen to throughout the municipality with SOUNDMAP Vandrenålen (the wandering needle).

About SOUNDMAP Vandrenålen

Hans Sydow has gathered stories, told by locals throughout the municipality of Struer. With his loving hands, he has shaped the stories into paths of sound, which will become a part of the nature route Vandrenålen. On 10 of the routes you’ll be able to hear the place specific stories fold themselves out, while you move about in the specific areas. All through your smartphone and headphones.

The concert itself takes about half an hour, and afterwards we hope you will come along for a little walk through Struer to see some of the SOUNDMAP-sites in a walking distance from Struer church. If possible, please bring a smartphone and a pair of headphones for the walk.

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