Vinyl -terror & -horror: Broken telephone

Photo: Mikkel Kaldal

Vinyl -terror & -horror

Vinyl -terror & -horror is a collaboration between danish artists Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen. Both live and work in Berlin.

Working in the interplay between music and visual arts they investigate the relationship between sound and object. Since the 00s the duo has worked with sculptural manipulations of hi-fi equipment in their artistic practise. 

By cutting up, rearranging and timing hi-fi equipment, music, sounds, objects, stories and more they assemble a narrative that always refers back to the medium playing it or the certain situation in which it is presented. 

Photos: Mikkel Kaldal

Broken Telephone

Broken telephone is a site-specific sound installation created for the red warehouse. Fragments of impressions from the harbor transform into a fictional abstract narrative told through objects, actions and sound. Here, stories about the harbor, both the fictional ones based on scrap, deck tracks, etc., and stories from the harbor's users, are woven in and out of each other. 


The speakers appear as distinctive characters, each with their aesthetic expression and personality. Sound waves through the installation, distorted step by step. In interplay with a reel-to-reel tape recorder and a fishing rod, they play the familiar whispering game, where all recognizability seeps out and new meanings emerge. 

The installation becomes a hub of stories about the port's functions now and through time, and opens up the thoughts for all the things that happen here without us knowing.


The work has been created in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen's development department.


Photos: Mikkel Kaldal

Video: Mikkel Kaldal