Wind & Water

Wind and Water (Vind og Vand) is a piece of sound art made by Frode Gundorf Nielsen. It’s made of 12 resonance tubes, which plays melodies by using pressured air and water. The sculpture is a permanent installation, which was inaugurated at Struer Tracks 2017.

The sculpture is activated by moving within the proximity of the it. The sound is created when pressurized air forces water into an acrylic tube – This push resonates in the large tubes, which then play pre-programmed sound sequences in a loop of about 20 minutes.

The sculpture can be activated everyday from 10:00 am to 6 pm (9:00 am to 5:00 pm during daylight savings time).

”It’s another way to listen –walking amongst the instruments, and thus putting the sounds together yourself.” Frode Gundorf Nielsen

Frode Gundorf Nielsens remarkable work with sound sculptures started a long time ago. He began working with sound installations in the 1990s, and his sculptures have been on display many places such as Galleri Singuhrs display room in Großer Wasserspeicher in Berlin and at Charlottenborg.

The installations have been created with support from Aarhus 2017 in a close cooperation with Struer The City of Sound and Gimsinghoved Art and Culturecenter.

Wind & water was part of the 2017 exhibition. Explore the exhibition from 2017 in our archive:

Wind and water was part of the 2017 exhibition. Explore the exhibition in our archive here: