Ursula Nistrup

Struer Tracks, 2017

In collaboration with B&O Nistrup has developed a particular reflective screen made of aluminum. By a special chemical treatment of the material different degrees of crystallization occurs in the surface of the metal, which affects how it reflects sound. The work creates a unique listening position, where the sound of the surroundings is reflected and focused while simultaneously being acoustically colored.

About the artist

Ursula Nistrup investigates sound as a sensuous, spatial and cultural phenomenon. She is particularly focused on the auditory dimension of experience as an entry to new worlds, intimate images and expanded spaces. With different artistic approaches Nistrup creates situations where sound is present as a specific material, but also where listening and awareness of the auditory aspect of our everyday situations is in focus.

Ursula Nistrup graduated from the California Institute of Art and the Glasgow School of Art and she lives and works in Copenhagen.

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