Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec: Heredrum (2014) & With a Passerby (2016)

Struer Tracks, 2017

Sambolec’s two pieces are both based on the pedestrian as a figure and the rhythm and music in the act of walking. In With a Passerby the rhythm of two footsteps are heard on loudspeakers like the ones used at a pedestrian crossing. Another approach is seen in the intervention Heredrum, where a group of drummers will move around the centre of Struer and play the rhythm of people’s footsteps.

About the artist

Tao Sambolec works with our bodily experience of space. In his work sound as a relational phenomenon is in foucs. Sound is considered as something that establishes connections and mediates between the listener’s body and the surroundings and creates relations between humans. Architecture is central to Sambolec’s work, and in his installations he especially emphasizes a temporal dimension of architecture through a work with opposites like inside/outside, the unpredictable/the constructed, the permanent/the temporal and time/space. Tao Sambolec’s approach is interdisciplinarity and he works in different artistic formats such as installation art, sound interventions and electro acoustic music.

Tao received a bachelor at Trondheim Music Conservatory, a BA in musical composition and MA in Interfaculty Image and Sound – Artscience at the Royal Conservatory in The Hauge. He recently finshed the National program for artistic development in Bergen.

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