Se Byen Vertikalt: Breathing from the ground up

Photo: Mikkel Kaldal

Se Byen Vertikalt

Se Byen Vertikalt is an artist trio that has existed since 2017 and consists of dancers and choreographers Mette Møller Overgaard and Esther Wrobel, and sound artist and composer David Navndrup Black. 

In their work with sound, movement and architecture, they turn the city's spaces upside down and challenge the audience to interact differently in relation to the city's sounds and architectural spaces. The artists work together in different constellations and on their own as workshop leaders, creators, and performers.

Photos: Mikkel Kaldal

Breathing from the ground up

Breathing from the ground up is a physical sound walk created especially for Struer Harbor. The performance is an interplay of vertical dance, sound art and a participatory experience. Through sound and movement, the audience is invited to experience the architecture at Struer Harbor in a completely new way. The piece transforms the raw harbor into a magical scene by focusing on the potential of the place itself, its sounds and atmosphere.

The audience becomes an active participant, through instructions conveyed via wireless headphones. During the performance, the audience is invited to feel the surroundings on their own body and meet artists who walk, dance and move in and out of the industrial architecture. Feel your senses get sharpened when Struer harbor is brought to life in a completely new way. Slow down, take a deep breath and sink into the experience.

Photos: Mikkel Kaldal

Video: Mikkel Kaldal

See full version video of the performance here.