Behind Struer Tracks

Edition #3

Struer Tracks is an international biennial of sound art that takes place in the urban space of a little Danish town, Struer. The biennial will take place for the third time from August 20 to September 5th 2021 - This year with the theme: "Landscapes of Sound" with Charlotte Bagger Brandt as curator.

With "Landscapes of Sound" as a theme and a setting, the exhibition in 2021 will revolve around psychogeographic approaches to Struers urban space which means that sound, smell, memory, mood, stories and atmosphere will be processed in different ways. Places are changed, revived, staged or revealed through the art of sound.

Struer Tracks is based on Struer's identity as the City of Sound. The city is home to the audio brand Bang & Olufsen which the locals call The DNA of Struer. Today the municipality works purposefully to activate sound in schools, in business development, in urban spaces and much more. Struer Tracks invites artists to create temporary works in Struer's urban spaces - Some of them leaves tracks as they develop into permanent installations. The vision is to create art projects with strong local roots and international relevance. During the biennial, Struer is the focal point for conferences, seminars, workshops, visiting programs, working workshops and much more.






Charlotte is the curator of Struer Tracks 2021 - She wants to explore sounds potential to create new layers and stories in the urban space 

Biennal Director


Jacob er leder af Struer Tracks. Han arbejder med strategi, fundraising, planlægning, evaluering,  partnerskaber og meget andet.

T: 31720582


Nicole Cecilie Bitsch Pedersen

Nicole er formidlingsleder ved Struer Tracks. Hun udvikler undervisning og formidling til skoler og dagtilbud, omvisninger og events. 

T: 22336506


Mathilde Blach

Mathilde is part of the office in the City of Sound departement in Struer and is also helping Struer Tracks with the marketing this year.

T: 20978254

Concert curator


Rune is responsible for this years concert program, which consists of a total of 10 concerts with leading Danish and international artists.



Jesper er til daglig en del af Lydens By værkstedet og hjælper kunstnerne med at forankre og folde deres værk ud i Struer.

City of Sound

City of Sound is about building on the natural DNA located in Struer due to the great influence of the sound industry, lead by Bang & Olufsen that was founded in Struer in 1925. Sound is an inspiration for new projects and initiatives, art, welfare, urban development, business, events and people.

The idea for the City of Sound originated back in 2008 and has over the years developed into a comprehensive investment in creating a new development platform for Struer Municipality.

Today, City of Sound is a comprehensive concept for branding and city development.