Jio Shimizu: Bird's voices

Struer Tracks, 2017

Shimizu has created graphical translations of bird’s voices that will be found around the city as circular stickers. The pictures are created by letting a laser reflect on the surface of a loudspeaker with a mirror on top of it. By this action, the vibrations of the loudspeaker are drawn like a pattern of sound.

About the artist

Jio Shimizu works with sound and light in site-specific installations often developed around mathematical or physical phenomena. In his work Shimizu explores sound and light as physical vibrations and how these can be amplified, reflected and translated. The starting point for his works is frequently a simple and clear concept or technical system, but the result of how sound and light is put into play is often surprising and with an overwhelming effect.

Jio Shimizu is educated from Tokyo Univeristy of Arts and he lives and works in Saitama in Japan.

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