Jens Settergren: Soft Interference

Struer Tracks, 2017

Settergren’s piece thematises how the artificial environments we find ourselves in affects us. In the artwork a voice is heard through 8 loudspeakers shaped like stones and installed in a forest area in Struer Park. There is a distinctive ambiguity in this voice, which addresses the audience yet with no particular message.

About the artist

Jens Settergren is a visual artist. His artistic practice includes various formats among them text and sound and often developed around a clear conceptual idea. In his works he explores how the sensorial qualities i.e. sound, fragrances and temperature etc. can work as a catalysts for images and ideas. Settergren often creates simulated environments with his pieces. An example is the installation Tropical Dissolvuntur, where a combination of sound and neon green radiators created a synthetic tropical space.

Jens Settergren graduated from the Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2016 and is further educated from the International Academy of Art Palestine in 2014. He lives and works in Aarhus.

Soft Interference, 2017, Jens Settergren (DK) Photos: Kathrine Uldbæk Nielsen

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