Ignas Krunglevičius: Signal to noise ration

Location: The town square, Østergade 16

Sounds from a robot generated voice.

From the distance, the large metal structure resembles an old-fashioned, modernist sculpture that stands in the way. It may also resemble a sculpture we have seen many times before, but as we approach it, we can hear the sound that becomes more and more disturbed as we move into the work.

The steel walls of the corridor, with the use of tactile sound transducers, are made to emit sound. The clear sounding voice in time slowly decay and become incomprehensible. A robotic voice, in almost alphabetic order, reads the list of words in both English and Danish. The said words are a mix between basic and banal with the words found in contexts of finance, politics, defense, and data industries.

About the artist

Ignas Krunglevičius (1979) was born in Lithuania, and currently lives and works in Oslo, Norway. He works as an artist and composer and manages the artist-run space Podium in Oslo.

Before Ignas Krunglevičius came to Oslo to do a master’s in music composition, he experienced the collapse of the Soviet Union and the bombastic arrival of modernity. His art is aimed at technology and humanity’s position in an ever-developing system-based society. A recurring theme is the the relationship between modernity, power and the permeating technology of modern times. His works display the political and existential realities which have come into existence in parallel with the global technological development.

Krunglevičius works with new media art, focusing mainly on text and sound in audio-visual installations. These are combined in examinations of the relationship between the human psyche and the experiences generated through technology.

Krunglevičius’ works have been exhibited at the Moscow International Biennale for Young Art, Rusland; Kunsthall Oslo, Norway; Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia, USA; Transmediale, HKW, Berlin, Germany; La Biennale di Venezia, Nordic pavilion, Italy and The 19th Sydney Biennial, Australia.

Webpage: krunglevicius.com/

Ignas Krunglevičius: “Signal to Noice Ratio”, Struer Tracks 2019. Foto: Mikkel Høgh Kaldal

Ignas Krunglevičius: “Signal to Noice Ratio”, Struer Tracks 2019. Foto: Mikkel Høgh Kaldal

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