Become a volunteer at Struer Tracks

Become a volunteer at Struer Tracks

Volunteer coordinators

At Struer Tracks# 3 you have the opportunity to become part of a voluntary coordination team. Here you will be responsible for a specific area at the same time as you are offered free accommodation and meals and not least an exciting community. You have the opportunity to work and gain experience within the following areas: 

  • SoMe-reporting
  • Urban guide
  • Citydressing
  • Practical coordination, planning, task division
  • Dissemination of artwork

As a volunteer coordinator, you will be responsible for coordinating the volunteer efforts in one of the above areas. You will refer to Struer Tracks' volunteer leader. 

Local volunteers

At Struer Tracks, we are looking for volunteers who can act as city ambassadors and tell about Struer and the exhibited works at the bienniale. In addition, we also need practical hands to help set up the works and take them down again when the biennale is over. Some of the sound art will be located in places where supervision is needed once opened. We also need help with that.

Volunteers at Struer Tracks will of course have free access to the few events, that otherwise cost money. We will aslo arrange a volunteer dinner and a meet up with the artists... and much more! So hopefully it will be an enriching and exciting experience to be a part of Struer Tracks 2021.

Become a Struer Tracks intern

We can offer a summer in the spirit of sound in an international artist environment. You will be part of the daily work tasks, but you will also have the opportunity to be a facilitator at specific events. You can take tours, curate workshops (during the biennale or in the school service leading up to Struer Tracks), make SoMe reports and articles or host an event, eg. help create our presence at Kulturmødet Mors (National cultural meeting at Mors) 

Interested? Fill in your contact information and desired position - Then we will contact you