Amplified Views

Struer Tracks is collaborating with the municipality of Struer on the permanent sound art installation Amplified Views by artist Ursula Nistrup. Amplified Views consists of several sculptures, which will be placed on certain unique vantage points within the municipality, amplifying the sound of the surrounding nature. The first sculpture, placed at the harbourside in Struer, was inaugurated at Struer Tracks 2019, while the second was revealed in the autumn of 2019. It’s placed in Klosterheden, the third largest forest area in Denmark. The third, yet to be revealed, will be inaugurated in the summer of 2020.

As the title ‘Amplified Views’ emphasizes, all of the sculptures mark both spectacular vantage points as well as amplifying the sound of the view.

Læs også: Amplified Views II blev indviet i Klosterheden

Ursula Nistrup is creating Amplified Views in cooperation with local business Bang & Olufsen. With the purpose amplifying the surrounding sound, they are bending large aluminum screens into curved shapes with crystallised surfaces. The shapes of the large screens will amplify the waves of the ocean as well as whispers of the wind through foliage and grass. Thus, the amplification is 100% analogue.

Amplified Views I is located at the harbourside in Struer. You may find it on google maps here.

Amplified Views II is a bit trickier to find. Park at the parking lot at this location, pass through the natural playground and go to the left, towards a clearing in the forest.

Amplified Views is created in cooperation with the municipality of Struer. The installations are built on Nistrup’s contribution the 2017 iteration of the festival. Here, her work Sound Site (Prototype) was exhibited in the city park. Struer Tracks is planning to inaugurate a permanent sound art installation at each iteration of the festival.

Struer Tracks invites artists to create works for the urban space in Struer - The majority are temporary works, but a few leave permanent traces in the form of permanent installations.

Ursula Nistrup is a multi-disciplinary artist, and her works are inspired by the human ear. She’s fundamentally interested in sound and its ability to move the body as well as the mind, opening the door to new dimensions of reality. Listening to the world is an activity filled with nuances and perspectives, ideas and discoveries, stories and pictures. Architecture, shapes and materials define how we percept the sounds of the world. The works of Ursula Nistrup seek to challenge the, at times, accustomed notions we have regarding space, shape and sound. Ursula Nistrup is trained at Glasgow School of Fine arts, and has, among other places, exhibited at Lunds Kunsthal, Kunsthal 44 Møen and at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning.

Amplified Views was part of the 2019 exhibition. Explore the exhibition from 2019 in our archive here: