Meet our curator for 2021

Charlotte Bagger Brandt is the new curator of Struer Tracks – she plans to work with sound’s ability to create new layers and narratives in urban space. 

Charlotte Bagger Brandt has since 1999 curated, developed and organized contemporary art exhibitions, seminars and other art initiatives in Denmark and abroad. In 2008 she initiated Råderum Råderum – Mobilt kontor for samtidskunstThe office creates new opportunities for contemporary art and works across the boundaries of established genres and institutions. Råderum engages in site-specific projects with interest in the physical expressions and qualities of sites, and the people living at and using the sites. 

This is an interesting project to step into, and I look forward to investigate the landscapes of sound in the city of sound. We live in an image-oriented time, where the sense of sight is often prioritized above the other senses – yet other senses like that of sound and that of smel seems to hit us more directly and more immediate, right in the diaphragm, before the visual sense takes over. Therefore, Struer Tracks in 2021 will invite artists, who take over the dominance of sight and insert the sense of hearing as the primary source of knowledge and sensing.

Charlotte Bagger Brandt

Throughout her practice is an engagement with public art in the field between architecture, landscape and citizens. Research, site analyses, dialogue on eyelevel and patience is therefore essential in her practice, building upon the understanding of the physical as well as immaterial and narrative qualities of a space. 

It will be exciting to see Charlottes experience mobilized in Struer with all that involves of new perspectives for art in public spaces, collaborative projects and sound as a material in art,” says festival director Jacob Kreutzfeldt and continues: “I am very glad, that Charlotte has accepted the job and look much forward to the collaboration!"

In 2019 Bagger Brandt was hired as art advisor for Danish Arts Foundation, where she establishes art in public space and in public buildings in conjunction with state construction. Among her projects in Råderum are HJEM 2020 an art project in public benefit buildings focusing on new collectives, From Where We Standa large landscape work in Trekroner by Mette Winckelmann 2019 and 2020, WorkYourWorld2018 – a different communication project about the meaning of art. Charlotte has also been curator of Alt_Cph: CROSSCUT 2016, The Factory for Art and Design and ART LAB, 2016. Urban Play, 2012, Placemaking, 2015 og ART LAB, 2016. 

Charlotte was one of three art experts in Danish Broadcasting Corporations huge project Our Art2011 and curator at Copenhagen Art Week in 2014 and 2015. Charlotte was initiator and curator of the U-TURN Quadrennial for Contemporary Art in 2008 and was the main curator of Kunsthal Charlottenborg until 2009, after which she was for two years the interim director.

Struer Tracks is taking place the third time in 2021 and will just like previous years focus on sound art in public space. The biennale that was already last year called “Denmarks largest sound art festival”, has found its niche with installations, performative and collaborative sound works in public squares, streets, in empty buildings and institutions.

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