Be seduced by the sound "Optagethed#2"

Let the sound seduce you. The sound, that becomes a living factor in your experience. The sound that touches you and relaxes Let the sound seduce you. The sound, that becomes a living factor in your experience. The sound that touches you and relaxes your body. The sound, that wake up all your senses and set in motion your whole receiving system. This is how I experienced the performance “Optagethed #2” (translated to "preoccupation") – a performance that marked the release of a new episode in the podcast series “Optagethed”. This one is about Luna. masserer din krop. Lyden som åbner dine sanser og hele dit modtagerapparat. Det er hvad der skete for mig, da jeg oplevede forestillingen Optagethed #2.

’m walking down the stairs behind the Music Shool in Struer. Big and heavy rain drops are falling from the sky. As I pass through the basement door, everything turns into darkness. My eyes start slowly getting used to the darkness, and I become aware of the ultraviolet lamp hanging from the ceiling. As I walk further into the basement, I notice the small coffee tables, equipped with tiny and dim fairy lights. The whole staging seems from outer space. I find myself a seat at one of the café tables. I can barely see who I’m sitting next to.

After a minute of silence, I hear a voice saying, “holy shit” and something more, that I can’t quite hear. I straighten up and get ready for the performance. I soon figure out that the voice was coming from some half-drunk students, who came here straight from a drinking at a friday bar event at their high school.

Finally, the performance begins. Two dancers enter the room from a hidden side room.To their bodies are attached small wireless speakers. Just like a blanket, the sound wraps me inside of it. I can literally feel the music – like it’s touching my body. Like it is loosening the tensions in my shoulders. The dancers come really close to me, and thanks to the darkness, any eye contact is made impossible. The lack of eye contact allows a very intimate relationship to build up between me and the sound, making me aware of how the sounds are affecting and healing my body and soul. I noticed the tenderness in the hand of one dancer, taking mine and leading me into a new room.

The new room is also filled with sound. But this time, the dancers aren’t wearing speakers. Now, it’s all about their bodies, not about mine. They dance.

Modern dance. I have never understood modern dance. What the hell is modern dance? But right in that moment, in the room with glowing balloons in the ceiling, with the many shapes of the audience along the walls and the dancers gasp of effort, the dance occupied me. Every body became a wave from sea, and its roar could be heard from the many loud speakers in the room. That’s when the dance touched me. And that’s when the sound touched my body. My poetic side was awakened in the darkness.

Min poetiske modtagelighed var blevet vakt i mørket.

Listen to the podcast about Luna (in danish) right here. Remember your headphones to get the optimal binaural 3D sound experience.

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