Exhibition 2017: Soundmarks

You will find the exhibition Soundmarks in the streets of Struer. It consists of a number of artworks created for ‘The City of Sound’, Struer. Common for all artworks in this exhibition is that they are artistic suggestions or investigations of soundmarks in Struer.

The exhibition has the idea of a soundmark as its point of departure. Just like a landmark a soundmark is specific to a site. Further, a soundmark is something that produces a space. Among animals the bird marks its territory through song and thereby creates a space that other birds relate to. The bell of the local church is similarly a soundmark, even if it has a very different function. Through a soundmark we as individuals personally relate to a specific site, we sense it and we are marked by it.

The exhibition presents works by Danish and international artists that in various ways reflect the idea of a soundmark. The featured artists are Alejandra & Aeron (ES/US), Jens Settergren (DK), Steve Roden (US), Ursula Nistrup (DK), Kristoffer Akselbo (DK), Nikolaj Nielsen Philipsen, Troels Nøhr Holmstrøm & Michael ‘Stoffer’ Christensen (DK), Jio Shimizu (JP), Tao V. Sambolec (NL/SI

The exhibition presents various methods and formats that each in their own way create a dialogue with the public space, from performative interventions to installations and graphical works in the form of posters.

Alejandra Salinas & Aeron Bergman

The artist duo Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman work across platforms with different artistic formats, including performance, sculpture and internet-based works. Common to their art works is the presence of a personal, as well as a strong critical approach. 

Jens Settergren

Jens Settergren is a visual artist. His artistic practice includes various formats among them text and sound and often developed around a clear conceptual idea. In his works he explores how the sensorial qualities i.e. sound, fragrances and temperature etc. can work as a catalysts for images and ideas

Jio Shimizu

Jio Shimizu works with sound and light in site-specific installations often developed around mathematical or physical phenomena. In his work Shimizu explores sound and light as physical vibrations and how these can be amplified, reflected and translated.

Kristoffer Akselbo

Sound appears along with other phenomena in Akselbo’s work, that often has a strong conceptual impulse as well as humor. His works also often has a performative element.

1000 Fugle

1000 Fugle is equally fear and joy, like lighting an entire box of fire crackers that starts an inferno with danger for both eyes and fingers”. The project has been made in a workshop with participants from Struer.

Steve Roden

The work of Steve Roden, based in Los Angeles, spans various media such as installation, paitning, sound and music. Roden’s contribution to the exhibition has a biographic starting point and it thematises how we are personally connected to a place.

Tao G. Vrohvec Sambolec

Tao Sambolec works with our bodily experience of space. In his work sound as a relational phenomenon is in foucs. Sambolec’s two pieces are both based on the pedestrian as a figure and the rhythm and music in the act of walking.

Ursula Nistrup

Ursula Nistrup investigates sound as a sensuous, spatial and cultural phenomenon. In collaboration with B&O Nistrup has developed a particular reflective screen made of aluminum. By a special chemical treatment of the material different degrees of crystallization occurs in the surface of the metal, which affects how it reflects sound.