Kaffe Matthews

Brandon LaBelle

Se Byen Vertikalt

Struer Tracks invites artists to create works for the urban space in Struer - The majority are temporary works, but a few leave permanent traces in the form of permanent installations.

2017 // WIND & WATER


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Sound art exhibitions, lectures, workshops, talks, concerts and tours

Sounding city - Summer school / AU (ENG)

August 9 - 20

"Sonic interventions and storytelling for liveable urban spaces" is the focal point of this course which is offered by AU in collaboration with Struer Sound Art Lab and Struer Tracks. The course gives 10 ECTS points at BA level. For Danish and international students.

Sound art and

August 27 and September 3

Join the VIP tour "behind the scenes" on Struer Tracks with an exclusive trip to Venø, where we taste the world-famous Limfjord oysters at Venø Seafood, som serveres på flere af landets top-michelin restauranter. Slut af på Venø Kro med overdådigt skaldyrsfad.

Visit B&O

August 26 and 31

A unique experience in Struer. A guided tour in Bang & Olufsen's innovation lab and factory as well as the Bang & Olufsen exhibition at Struer Museum. Kresten Krab Bjerre from B&O talks about the collaboration between B&O and Struer Tracks. Lunch is included.

Guided tour to Regelbau 411

August 24 and 31

Take Denmark's oldest car ferry from Struer harbor to Oddesund and experience sound art in an old bunker. The trip also offers a taste experience in form of oysters and champagne, as well as a delicious lunch the Danish classic sandwiches.