Artists in pursuit of the right spot

February saw the first handful of artists, as well as curator of this year’s festival, Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, visiting the city to scout for locations for Struer Tracks 2019. All the works will be created for Struer specifically, so every nook and cranny was searched and scrutinised by the artists.

Among many places, they visited and toured the local railway museum, and they also climbed the old DLG silo on the harbour. At the top of the latter, artist Christian Skjødt plans an installation consisting of antennas which will intercept and project sounds from the atmosphere and space.


Inside the empty silo you’ll hear the howling of the wind and echoes of seagulls cawing.


A sense of abandonment permeates the silo.


How will an art installation sound in the old bank?


Nattoget indbyder til lydfortællinger
The night train invites to tell sound stories.


A historical maritime environment at Nordvestjysk Fjordkultur.


Christian Skjødt on the top of the silo.