About Struer Tracks

Struer Tracks is an international sound art festival taking place between august 23nd and September 7th 2019 in Struer, the City of Sound. The festival is a biennial event.

Events and happenings

At Struer Tracks you can experience sound art exhibitions created by artists from all over the world, specifically for the City of Sound. During the festival there will be sound installations in the streets and straits, in parks and open spaces as well as in buildings and in empty shop fronts around the city. For this second edition curator Christian Skovbjerg Jensen has asked artists to consider what we should be listening to. The artworks will function as small portals, connecting us to a bigger world, to the strange and unknown – to a whole new universe of sounds. There’s no admission fee, the exhibitions of the festival are free for everyone.

This year’s programme also features a number of unique performances, listening theaters, workshops, concerts and other noisy and immersive arrangements for both children and adults. Struer will be buzzing with sound.

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Why sound art?

Sound art provides us with an opportunity to look up and beyond the established art forms simply by spreading our ears. It’s an invitation to listen, and to listening anew.  To laugh, to wonder and to examine a world we thought we knew. Sound art offers a perspective, bringing the ears into focus. It’s a reminder: We live in a world surrounded by sound but don’t always notice it.

Curator 2019: Christian Skovbjerg Jensen

The curator of Struer Tracks 2019 is Christian Skovbjerg Jensen, the director of Inter Arts Center in Malmø. He has curated a wide range of public and collaborative art projects. In 2010 he was the artistic director of TUMULT, an international art festival, with new commissioned works by 21 artists who contributed with new public projects made especially to the area of Lolland, Falster and Møn.

Curator 2019: Christian Skovbjerg Jensen

Struer Tracks #1

Struer Tracks literally opened with a bang in 2017, where the citizens of the city came together through noise – through the event BRAGET (the bang) they put their own sound on Struer. This was the pistol shot which marked the beginning of a well-attended and critically acclaimed sound art exhibition.

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Special thanks to our partners:

BEK – Bergen Center for Elektronisk Kunst, Kunsthal Regelbau 411, Struer Museum, Støtteforeningen for Jernbaneforeningen i Struer, Apollon, Struer Musikskole, Nordvestjysk Fjordkultur, Kommuniklame, Struer Grand Hotel, Struer Statsgymnasium, Kulturcenter Struer, Teater og Lysteknik., Tradsborg A/S, Neumann, Mikkel Lund, Strandvejens B&B, Struer Forsyningen, Det Jyske Kunstakademi, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Struer Kirke, Sound Hub Denmark, Dansk Komponistforening, Inter Arts Center (Lunds universitet), Bremdal Radio, Carsten Lystbæk, Aalborg Universitet, Media Art History og Dansk Andeudvikling, Harman and many others…