Struer Tracks Vision Workshop

Struer Tracks Info Point, Østergade 29 09. June 2017

1.00 – 4.30 pm.

With this event, Struer Tracks invites to start a dialogue on the sound in the city and how to create space for collective experiences with sound as the focal point in the future.

With the strategic focus on sound and the inauguration of a new festival for sound art, Struer is in a unique position to form experiences that other cities will benefit from. The question is how the commitment to sound can express itself in forms that support the development of local culture and identity?

There will be presentations by artists, architects, planners and decision makers with the purpose of developing ideas and visions for ’The City of Sound’ and the sound of the city. What potentials has a city like Struer as a framework for artistic and cultural projects? How can urban planning and tourism initiatives think sound as an integrated and meaningful element in projects from development to realization? And how can a solid framework be created for artistic quality in ’The City of Sound’?

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Registration is required and can take place no later than Wednesday 7th June to