Soundwalk with SOUNDMAP Struer

Struer Library 16. June 2017

Embark on a unique sound walk in Struer and move around in a city map of almost 100 sounds and stories created by local children from 5th and 6th grade. Come out and listen to how the city’s children experience Struer, and how their personal stories form a city with the dimension of sound. If you are a adventurer at heart, you can also hunt for small sound treasures that are hidden around the city. Who knows what sounds are hidden out there?

In the weeks before Struer Tracks, five classes from the 5th and 6th grade from schools in Struer participate in sound workshops with composer Hans Sydow. Here they will make a collective, big soundmap of Struer. Based on Sydow’s education concept “I remember”, the students will create small narratives in words and sounds that relate to specific places in the city.

The workshop is also a test of a new device for children and teachers. is a new creative platform and an app where students and teachers can work with sounds and stories as expression and experience. At the workshops, the students will work with the new app with which they can record, edit and make a city map full of stories, sounds and music. All the personal sound stories are collected on one big, digital and collective SOUNDMAP Struer.

Everyone is welcome to discover the students’ soundmap, and to the big work behind with big cheers at Struer Library.



9.00: Welcome and demonstration of

9.30: Sound walk: Find and listen to the student’s sound stories and embark on a sound treasure hunt.

10.45: Snacks and drinks at the library.

11.00: Assembly: We talk about the sounds in Struer and what sounds you have found on your sound walk and treasure hunt.

Participating schools

Limfjordskolen, Thyholm Skole, Bremdal Skole and Parkskolen.

The project is supported by the Danish Composer’s Society.