Podcast Academy

B&O, Struer 06. June 2017 - 10. June 2017

Struer Tracks invites young storytellers with a sense for sound to join the first ever Struer Tracks Podcast Academy at Bang & Olufsen in Struer. During five intensive days you will develop your abilities as a sound maker being guided by the best podcasters of the country.


At Struer Tracks Podcast Academy you will meet other engaged storytellers with an appetite for sound. You will learn how to work with sound recording, interviews, speak and sound editing and create engaging sensuous stories. You will produce your own sound story with Struer ‘The City of Sound’ as a departure point and maybe have the possibility to present it and publish it at a Struer Tracks podcast feed.

Struer Tracks Podcast Academy is lead by the experienced podcaster and radio producer Rasmus Cleve Christensen. Rasmus produces the podcast Lyt Dybt and the internet radio The Lake. He has vast experience teaching in sound production at amongst other the University of Copenhagen and Sonic College.

Struer Tracks Podcast Academy is being developed in collaboration with Struer Tracks, Struer Municipality and Bang & Olufsen. We want to educate skilled podcasters that can help define the sound of the future. Do you have the courage to seek out stories and sounds in Struer, to learn how to handle sound technologies and to create sound images for other people to experience? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The Podcast Academy is free.

Sign up: info@struertracks.dk/2017

When: Tuesday 6 June – Saturday 10 June – every day 12.30 – 6.00 pm.