Jacob Bro X Mike Sheridan

Struer Musikskole 03. June 2017

4.00 pm

Experience a meeting between composer and guitarist Jacob Bro and the electronic artist Mike Sheridan. In recent years both musicians have been honored with prizes in recognition for their artistic workas some of the most original Danish artists.

The concert at Struer Musikskole will be a freely improvised set, where the artists are completely open to what will happen, and where they will include sound elements from artworks spread around in the region in connection to the Aarhus 2017 project The OverHEARD. Among others Bro and Sheridan will incorporate the sound sculpture Vind og Vand by Frode Gundorf Nielsen – a water organ placed in Gimsinghoved Park, consisting of 12 resonance pipes producing melodies by impact of wind and water.

We are pleased to present this night in collaboration with The OverHEARD, Struer Jazzklub and the venue Radar in Aarhus.