BRAGET i Struer

Struer Town Hall Square 03. June 2017


The opening of the exhibition Soundmarks starts with a literal bang. We invite all the citizens of Struer to contribute in the creation of a 3 minute long sound wave that will make it clear for everyone that Struer is The City of Sound.

BRAGET i Struer is an occasion to find your old drum, fog horn or ringing bells, blast your car horn and let the motor roar or smash your old pots and pans together while yelling or singing your lungs out – all to show that there is sound in Struer. In the three minutes that we collectively create noise the sound will be measured to figure out how far away from Struer you can hear Struer..

The epicenter of the bang will be at Rådhuspladsen, where we hope you will join us Saturday June 3rd 12.00 and participate in this noisy sound experiment, which also marks the opening of an exhibition of sound art in the city. After the event you will have the opportunity to see and listen to the new artworks in Struer.

The event is inspired by the Futurist’s fascination of the sound of the modern world and its inventory of machines and their “noise”. Especially though, the inspiration is obtained from Symphony of the Sirens – a symphony for factory sirens from 1922 by the composer Arseny Avraamov, where fog and car horns, factory sirens, canons, choirs and church bells filled the city of Baku with orchestrated and beautiful noise.

Let’s see if we can make Struer resonate with a boom in the collective sound experiment BRAGET i Struer.