Æ Skawmand

Oddesundbroen, Tyholm 08. June 2017

3.00 pm

On Thursday June 8. Struer Tracks and Struer Museum host the launch of the AudioMove Æ Skawmand – an interactive and site-specific audio walk produced by Teater Katapult.

Have a look inside the head of Æ Skawmand – with your mobile phone and a set of headphones – on a walk in his footsteps near Oddesund just outside Struer, where he spent his days in the beginning of the 1900s. Teater Katapult’s AudioMove is a biographical story in 3D sound about Æ Skawmand, who goes by his actual name, Christian Vandet Jørgensen. He came to the area in 1914 with a closet that he placed in the woods by the water. He resided in the closet and lived in harmony with nature until his last day.

Struer Tracks and Struer Museum invite you to a launch reception where you can enjoy a glass of wine before taking the first walk with Æ Skawmand around Tyholm.

Teater Katapult is located on Godsbanen in Aarhus, and they are the developers of the unique theatre concept AudioMove. An AudioMove is a sound drama, that lets the listener relate to the main character’s universe – via headphones, mobile technology and interactive elements. In September 2017, you can experience another unique 3D sound performance when the theatre piece HUman NAture is played at Katapult in Aarhus and is live streamed to the Apollon Cinema in Struer.

 The duration of the sound piece is 40 minutes. The walk is around one hour. Remember to bring a headphones and a phone with internet acces.

When: Everyday, all day from 8. June at 3.00
Where: Oddesund Nord, Thyholm.
Start: The Bunker at the southern parking lot at the Oddesund Bridge.

Manuscript: Julie Petrine Glargaard.
Instruktion, sound design og original music: Kristian Hverring.
Idea: Torben Dahl.
Produktion management: Karen Nordentoft
Actors: Johannes Lilleøre, Bent Hargaard, Gunnar Petersen, Peter Nørskov, Bue Wandahl.