Struer Tracks


Struer Tracks is an international festival for sound art that takes place every second year in The City of Sound, Struer. The core of Struer Tracks is a curated exhibition of artworks in public space: sculptures, installations, performances, workshops and other artistic events can be experienced in the city during the festival period.

Struer Tracks takes place for the second time in 2019. In 2017, the festival got off to a great start with a critically acclaimed exhibition and with great support for the 21 events in the form of listening cinemas, concerts, workshops and much more.

It is no coincidence that this sound art festival takes place in Struer. The city is with the more than 90-year presence of Bang & Olufsen and with the municipal effort concerning the sound brand an perfect place for a festival with sound art in focus. Struer is more than just a stage for international sound art. The small town of Struer with its unique location, qualities and challenges is a thematic focal point for the festival. The artworks at Struer Tracks are site-specific and developed for specific location in Struer. In combination with the other activities at the festival, they contribute to a study and development of Struer as a framework for shared life, identity and history.

Struer Tracks wants to leave significant marks in the city. At each festival a new permanent artwork in and around Struer will be introduced. In 2017 Struer Tracsk was a part of the invigoration of Forde Gundorf Nielsen’s Wind and Water at Gimsinghoved and in 2019 the festival plans to invoke a new work by Ursula Nistrup, who was also a part of the exhibition in 2017. The aim of the festival is to leave marks with the inhabitants of Struer, and through educational initiatives, it is the ambition to develop unique skills among Struer’s children and young people. At the same time, Struer Tracks will act as a national catalyst for new knowledge and innovation in the field of sound, art and urban development.

The preparations for an even bigger Struer Tracks in 2019 are well underway, an soon the dates of the festival will be published. Follow our facebook for the latest updates.



The concept of Struer Tracks is developed by the Festival Director Jacob Kreutzfeldt in collaboration with a steering committee with members from the city of Struer.

The steering committee consists of:

  • Mads Gammelmark, Director the Municipality of Struer (formand)
  • Christian Iversen, Bang & Olufsen SVP – People Strategy & Organisational enablement
  • Peter Petersen, CEO Sound Hub Denmark
  • Jakob Bisgaard, Director Technology and Culture the Municipality of Struer
  • Kim Høfler, Head of Tourism and Events the Municipality of Struer
  • Peter Kjeldberg, Head of The City of Sound
  • Mikkel Elming, Artistic Director Regelbau 411

Struer Tracks Key persons (the Municipality of Struer): 

  • Kim Høfler, Head of Tourism and Events
  • Claus Falk Petersen, Special concultant
  • Peter Kjeldberg, Head of The City of Sound
  • Ane Sofie Kehlet, Administration and Development The City of Sound
  • Birthe Wraae Hansen, Cultural Consultant

Accounting: Susanne Skydsgaard the Municipality of Struer

Visual Identity: Interactive Spaces Studio by The Alexandra Institute


Struer Tracks 2017 was supported by
The City of Struer, Aarhus 2017, Statens Kunstfond, Færchfonden, SNYK, Danish Composers´ Society´s Production Pool/KODA´s Cultural Funds.

Collaborators 2017

Danish Composer’s Society, Struer Jazz Club, Apollon Struer, Struer Museum, Gimsinghoved Kunst- og Kulturcenter, Teater Katapult, The OverHEARD, The University of Aarhus, Hindebburg and Struer Ungdomsskole.