About Struer Tracks

2. – 18. June 2017

Struer Tracks, a brand new festival for sound art in public space makes its debut on June 2nd in the city of Struer. The festival has two main tracks that sets the city abuzz with sound, including an exhibition of sound works in the streets of the city and a line-up of engaging sound events and workshops.

The ambitions are high and the vision is for Struer Tracks to grow into an internationally renowned biennale for site-specific sound art marking Struer as ‘The City of Sound’ on the Danish and world map. Despite its international ambitions, the local linkage is extremely important, and therefore Struer does not only provide a setting for the festival, but also plays the main role! With site-specific sound art and the city as pivotal points, the exhibition and events work with sounds, stories and thoughts, found in Struer.

The festival is launched as a part of The City of Struer’s massive effort to mark itself as ‘The City of Sound’, and with Struer Tracks a longstanding investigation of how Struer is, has been and will be the City of Sound. At the opening of the festival we reveal a new sound sculpture, which will be permanently installed in the park of Gimsinghoved. The sound sculpture Wind and Water is created by Frode Gundorf Nielsen as part of the Aarhus 2017 project The OverHEARD.

During 2nd – 18th June, Struer Tracks puts sound in focus, and both locals as well as visitors to the city are invited outdoors in the summer to listen, learn, experience, explore and discover the sound of Struer.

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The concept of Struer Tracks is developed by the Festival Director Jacob Kreutzfeldt in collaboration with a steering committee with members from the city of Struer.

The steering committee consists of:
Mads Gammelmark, Director the Municipal of Struer (chairman)

Christian Iversen, Bang & Olufsen SVP – People Strategy & Organizational enablement

Søren Johansen, chairman, Handelsstandsforeningen

Peter Petersen, Director, Business Park Struer

Jesper Bækgaard, Museum Director, Struer Museum

John Patuel Hansen, Center Director, Plan & Miljø, The City of Struer

Kim Høfler, Tourist- and Event Director, The City of Struer

Claus Falk Petersen, Special Consultant, The City of Struer


Struer Tracks is supported by
The City of Struer, Aarhus 2017, Statens Kunstfond, Færchfonden, SNYK, Danish Composers´ Society´s Production Pool/KODA´s Cultural Funds.



Danish Composer’s Society, Struer Jazz Club, Apollon Struer, Struer Museum, Gimsinghoved Kunst- og Kulturcenter, Teater Katapult, The OverHEARD, The University of Aarhus, Hindebburg and Struer Ungdomsskole.